About MLM’s and Pyramid Schemes. Especially Body By Vi.

January 9, 2012

Is Body By Vi an MLM?  Yes.  100%.

Is Body By Vi a Pyramid Scheme?  Yes, but it’s NOT a scheme.  Scheme is such a negative word that conjurs up mental pictures that it’s either illegal, or downright slimy for a person to associate themselves with it.  It’s neither of those things.

I know that the mere mention of either MLM or Pyramid Scheme scares most people away in a flash.  But I also know that is because most people truly don’t understand the actual dynamics of a pyramid or MLM type business.

In most larger companies there’s multiple income levels within it’s hierarchy;  upper levels earn the most, middle levels earn mid-wage, and bottom levels ususally nearer to minimum wage.

Think of it this way….

What position do you hold in your job?  Does your boss make more than you?  Does your bosses’ boss make more than him?  Probably right.  Well how about the CEO of the company.  I bet he makes pretty good money right?

Look at this image and see what you think.

It’s a bit of a poke meant to be funny, but it helps to draw the mental picture.  You are in an MLM at the very job you hold.

MLM actually derives it’s full meaning “Multi Level Marketing” from that same concept.  If you start a MLM type business, there will be multple levels of people earning money at different levels.  And those people can either be earning from you, OR for you!

Starting to see what I mean…?

Corporate America is based on a pyramid.  The person at the top makes the most cash.

Walmart isn’t at all considered a scheme simply because the top level crew at the company makes the most money right!?

Do not let the words MLM or Pyramid scare you!  The fact that you can begin your own MLM or Pyramid at any time you wish, should actually excite you!

Why you ask?

Because at any time you choose, you can be the person on the top of your own pyramid! You would be earning the income from the work of other people on your team who also saw what you saw!  They want to get paid from the efforts of others as well!  I’m doing it and it’s working like crazy!

You may or not have heard of this special concept already, but every single truly financially free person posseses it.  This possesion if attained allows your business, at a certain point, to make you money regardless of where you are or what you are doing.

It’s a wonderful thing called residual income.


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3 Responses to About MLM’s and Pyramid Schemes. Especially Body By Vi.

  1. January 14, 2012 at 9:29 am

    I know what you’re getting at Herc. For about 2 years, I was a seller of a product called “Mona-Vie”, an organic drink made of the Acai berry that sold for 45 bucks per bottle. It was a similar situation to Body By Vi, a product that I believed in, worked for me, and helped me out for my own situation.

    But for sure, it was both a pyramid and MLM. I met an 18 year old kid at a meeting, who had a 36 foot RV with the Mona Vie logo and brought a playboy bunny to his senior prom. He was a very good salesman. I was at the bottom of his “chain”, but after a couple months, I was turning a nice profit and there were people at the bottom of my “chain” who were soon out-selling and passing me by. It all depends on the work you want to put into that side of the equation.

    For myself, with the Body By Vi, it’s very simple. I don’t want any of the hassle of selling another product, even though I have a very strong faith in how it works since I have seen results from my own use. I just know that on a daily basis, for a long time, I eat like shit from fast food restaurants and quick meals that are way too high in saturated fats without any veggie or fruit intake, which are basic needs of the human body.

    With Body By Vi, I get the nutrition I need, it makes my stomach feel better every day, and I definitely have more energy than normal. As a paralyzed individual, I was told back in ’98 after my accident “you will be aware of everything you put in your body, because it will affect your daily life, what you eat, what you drink, and how you feel every single day”…..

    And I drink beer and smoke cigs and eat Burger King, and truth be told I got fatter than I felt comfortable with. Since I saw your original post about BBV, I had already thought seriously about changing some of my lifestyle habits since I have a little girl now, and a future with my fiancee, and lots of reasons to get healthier. And with the shakes, it helps me more than I can explain. My stomach doesn’t hurt every morning making me a crabby fuck, I feel good and look forward to my shakes. I throw a banana and a half dozen strawberries in my shake, and I get some great nutrition that tastes good and I enjoy ingesting it. And then, a few days a week, I go to my local YMCA and lift weights on an accelerated program developed by a personal trainer friend, and man, I see results.

    I’ve lost some weight, about 13 pounds at this point, but I wasn’t “FAT” to start with. It’s more about a healthy personal image and self-confidence in how I appear when I look in the mirror. It helps me realize that setting goals, and achieving them, is possible, not just for my weight and health, but in other aspects of my life.

    Herc bud, you’ve made a difference to a dude that has never even had the opportunity to meet you. A handicapped guy in Minnesota who just digs your music took a shot at something you were into, and found something eminently positive in my life. For that I can’t thank you enough. For me, it’s not about just having a rockin’ bod to snare chicks with, I got my girl. It’s about a healthy self image and taking steps in a positive fashion to take control of one small part of my life: My eating habits. I thank you man. I really do. I recommend the product to anyone.

    But I am a terrible salesman, so I’ll keep buying my packages and helping you get that effin’ Beamer bro \m/

    Much love from MN,

  2. Ian Herculson
    January 14, 2012 at 11:49 am

    Ah Migz…

    That’s so awesome to hear man. Especially about the waking up to the fact that you got a daughter and a woman that you have to stick around for! We’re getting old man and we can’t get away with what we used to!

    I’m PROUD to have you on my team man. It inspires me!

    So cheers dude, I love the shakes too!


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